About Us

Family Owned & Operated

Lynette and Tom Short launched TSR Motors in 2005. Tom runs the busy workshop and Lynette looks after administration. Both their sons, Dylan & Chad, are mechanics alongside Tom in the workshop.

The TSR Motors Team

Tom has over 30 years experience as a mechanic and Dylan over 10, the TSR Motors team has pretty much repaired anything that can go wrong over the years!

Dylan, Lynette & Tom’s first son caught the mechanic bug early, coming second in the North Island Motorcross Championships at the age of four. By 12 years Dylan had an amateur racing license and was competing with his first V8 – an automatic Commodore. With two young children of his own Dylan now needs to keep an eye on any tools left lying around the house. Recently it is 4WD that has captured Dylan’s imagination – we may soon see a turbo diesel going vertical…

Chad, Lynette & Tom’s Youngest Son

Chad, Lynette & Tom’s youngest son has the same natural talent for mechanics as Tom & Dylan. Chad launched into his career at TSR Motors in 2014.

In 2008 Lynette & Tom had a brand new workshop custom built for the business, this firmly established TSR Motors in Taupo. In 2013 Tom & Lynette expanded again, purchasing the building and section next to TSR Motors, adding room to continue growing the business.

Owning the workshop on a freehold title is part of the commitment Lynette & Tom have made to staying in Taupo and reducing operating costs. TSR Motors has a well earned reputation for a good job at the right price. We are here for you now and we’ll be here for you in the future.

Tom Short

All our stories start with Mum & Dad. Tom’s Dad, Collin, was a professional boxer, keen bushman and bricklayer. Tom’s Mum, Jeannie, is deeply involved in the Tauhara suburb of Taupo, through Apopo House she helps build a safer community for children. Born and breed in Taupo, with 9 siblings Tom knows all about sharing!

From the earliest age it was mechanics that caught Tom’s imagination. At only 8  he was turning the family home upside down, searching for batteries to power electric motors mounted in cardboard cars. Forty years later we find Tom searching the internet for the best batteries to power his road legal electric car.

Tom’s passion for electric cars has always been there but that still left room for a period of Speedway, Tom won the Taupo Speedway club champs in 2000, 2001, 2002. Then it was the Taupo race track that caught Tom’s attention, winning the Taupo Group A Clubmans Championship 3 years in 2004, 2005, 2006, Tom still holds the old track record.

Racing has been a part of the Short family’s story for as long as their oldest child, Dylan, can remember. Tom has been a key member of some of NZ’s top V8 race teams – David Besnard, John Penny, Mat Lockwood, Dale Williams just to name a few.

The future of vehicles is electric cars and Tom is a pioneer in the field. Building Taupo’s first all electric car. Tom now has the NZ electric car drag record in his sights.

Tom is proud of TSR Motors offering a good job for the right price. He stands behind all the shop’s work, with a personal guarantee to give you the service you deserve.


We are Service Technicians qualified to service your car during it's warranty period. Manufacturers will sell you a new car every 2-3 years, we look after your best interests.
Dylan Short started car racing when 12yrs old. He loves fitting turbos and getting the best performance from your vehicle.
WOF, Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance is what we do every day. Always with the customer's best interests at heart and always guaranteed.