Repairs & Maintenance

We would all love a car that is cheap to repair, unfortunately that is not always possible. A better approach is maintaining your car to avoid repairs.

If you have a new car then visit our page about Better than Dealership” service and prices. We can help keep your manufacturer’s warranty and your shirt!

Maintenance is a trade-off and it partly depends what you plan on doing with the vehicle and your current situation. We will help you find the right solution – is is part of our promise to do a good job for the right price.

We can service every mechanical aspect of your car:

  • brake servicing
  • automatic transmission servicing
  • engine tuning
  • oil change
  • filter change
  • everything else….

We are members of the Capricorn buyers group. This gives us access to deeply discounted parts and we pass the savings on to you. Learn more about why we are the best car mechanic in Taupo.

For repairs we have you covered. We’ll treat your car as if it is our own and find the best solution for you and your car. We’ve been building our business since 2005 and a referral from you to family & friends is what we want most.

We are Service Technicians qualified to service your car during it's warranty period. Manufacturers will sell you a new car every 2-3 years, we look after your best interests.
Dylan Short started car racing when 12yrs old. He loves fitting turbos and getting the best performance from your vehicle.
WOF, Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance is what we do every day. Always with the customer's best interests at heart and always guaranteed.