Electric Car Conversions

We know the future of personal transportation is electric. We also know you can drive the future today. In 2011 Tom Short started building electric cars. Taupo’s first fully electric car left TSR Motors workshop 6 months later. As of 2013 Tom has completed three electric conversions.

UPDATE: Winner of the New Zealand Drag Car Association’s Street Car Class Championship!!

Building electric cars has always been Tom’s dream:

As a young boy I built electric model cars. As a low paid apprentice, I dreamt of driving without putting petrol in the tank. Now I can finally sit behind the wheel of an electric car!

It was in 2011 my wife fell ill, I decided life’s too short, we should follow our dreams, so I started building our first electric car. That first one just happened to be a WRX Subaru that could do speeds of 150km/hr. Since then I’ve built three electric cars and converted a steam boat to electric. Now I’m building an electric drag car to win a NZ record, we will see, but every boy needs dreams.

Tom is one of very few people in New Zealand that has developed an electric car. We are still in the early days of fully electric cars. Tesla Motors has been leading the charge but they are yet to make a cheap electric car. TSR Motors has built practical electric cars that are street legal, registered and warranted in New Zealand. All this at a tiny fraction of the Tesla’s price.

When a new field like electric vehicles emerges there is a common attitude amongst the pioneers – a desire to learn and share knowledge. Tom is no exception and is more than happy to help you join the electric car revolution.

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We can help you find the right kit, help you build it or give you a turn key (or should we say push button!) solution. The future is electric and we are already along for the ride.

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