Your Dealership Alternative

What do we mean by Dealership Alternative and how do we achieve “Better than Dealership” service and prices ? A detailed answer follows. The simple answer is that an independant workshop, with qualified Service Technicians, can service your new car and you keep the manufacturer’s warranty.

New car warranties require a qualified Service Technician to work on your car. The good news is TSR Motors are qualified Service Technicians. The better news is TSR Motors can offer “Better than Dealership” service and prices.

TSR Motors have the latest electronic diagnosis equipment, allowing full service on any vehicle manufactured after 2000. European cars or imports from anywhere else can be serviced to your satisfaction.

Vehicle manufactures are under pressure to minimize the estimated lifetime ownership cost of their vehicles. Comparisons are one of the ways consumer organizations benchmark the car manufacturers. The manufacturer’s warranty will only last a fraction of the vehicle’s lifetime.  The same manufacturer wants to sell a new car to you every 2-3 years.

For example when Ford and Holden extended their service interval from 10,000kms to 15,000kms it was great for car rental and lease companies. They will sell the vehicle within 2-3 years and pay less for fewer services. But the condition of the motor after 100,000kms will be much worse.

Expecting the manufacturer to specify the best service regime for optimizing the car’s lifetime is a little like leaving the wolf to guard the sheep! Dealerships are not in a position to question this practice.

A dealership selling new cars will measure the profitability of the service center with accounts that also measure profitability of new car sales. The service center needs to demonstrate stellar profitability to meet expectations.

For these reasons TSR Motors can offer you “Better than Dealership” service and prices along with our guaranteed workmanship.

For example a 2013 Ford Ranger 4WD diesel ute 30,000 kms service cost $268+GST at TSR Motors in early 2014.



We are Service Technicians qualified to service your car during it's warranty period. Manufacturers will sell you a new car every 2-3 years, we look after your best interests.
Dylan Short started car racing when 12yrs old. He loves fitting turbos and getting the best performance from your vehicle.
WOF, Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance is what we do every day. Always with the customer's best interests at heart and always guaranteed.