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TSR Motors is two generations of the Short family, all passionate about cars, always offering guaranteed workmanship and great value.

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Taupo mechanic services you can count on

Looking for a mechanic in Taupo that will look after your car like his own ? Come and see us. We pride ourselves on great value and stand behind our work. Since 2005 we offer solutions to all your automotive concerns - maintenance, repairs, WOF and modifications.

We are Service Technicians qualified to service your car during it's warranty period. Manufacturers will sell you a new car every 2-3 years, we look after your best interests.
Dylan Short started car racing when 12yrs old. He loves fitting turbos and getting the best performance from your vehicle.
WOF, Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance is what we do every day. Always with the customer's best interests at heart and always guaranteed.

After visiting three garages Dylan found several problems with the engine. It's now running sweet and using much less diesel. TSR Motors was recommended to me and I recommend them to you!

Mark Hampton